Village Sauce Cafe

78 Charles St, New York, NY 10014, USA

(143) 222-12344

Daily : 10 am to 12 pm

The Village Sauce Cafe seems to be always open for you. Great pastry, cookies, coffee – and the absolutely best Sandwiches you have ever tasted. Come right in, sit down, enjoy the friendship.

The Village Sauce Cafe is an adventurous and often exciting restaurant trying extremely hard to pass for an ordinary Village Cafe. House-made breads & pastries, elevated sandwiches, and coffee. The description is so correct.

The view into our windows will make your mouth water. You can see bread on shelves, a wonderful seeded rye and a round buckwheat loaf with dried cherries inside. Baked just perfect, they have the roughness and flavor of whole grains, the complicated taste of slow-rising dough, and the kind of dark, thick, crackling crust you want to feel between your teeth.

What you may miss at first if you came for breakfast or lunch – is the meals that Village Sauce Cafe serves in late evenings, when it’s dark and romantic. You will enjoy everything we do, from morning through evening.

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