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Our BUZZ Marketing System will quickly start providing you with unlimited leads, appointments, and insurance sales from individuals and from local businesses.

And, you can build a Local or State-Wide Insurance Sales Organization that brings you even more leads, appointments, and insurance sales.

This will quickly expand and grow your Insurance Business.

You can also obtain the Complete Home-Based Advertising Business Totally Free - and use our powerful CityNation BUZZ Marketing System to obtain leads, appointments, and sales for your insurance products,

You will be able to walk into (or phone) any business and offer them Free full-page Advertising.

You will be able to sit down and have a friendly discussion with the Manager of almost any business - and talk about how you will help their business get more customers - and talk about the benefits of your Insurance Products.

During these economic times, we offer a special Advertising Package which includes additional free advertising for every type of business.

You receive a complete setup for the Totally Free World-Class Advertisement Business - which includes training, presentation software, sales instructions, your own website, and continuing support services.

Every standard Advertising Package that you sell - you earn $750.

You can also build a Local and State-Wide Insurance sales organization using our world-class CityNation BUZZ Marketing System.

You will also be able to advertise in our online publications as often as you want – for your Insurance, Broker, and Agents - Totally FREE.

Brokerage - Extra Income

You would receive a “Management Commission” from every sale of our standard Advertising Package that your Team Members obtain.

Example: As an Insurance Broker, with 10 of your Agents using our BUZZ Marketing System. each average only 3 sales a month - you will receive a “Management Commission” of $36,000/year.

You will be able to hire more Agents - because of the (a) more insurance they would sell and (b) the extra income they would receive.

Part-Time Insurance Agent's Extra Income

Your part-time Agents will be able to also obtain unlimited Leads, Appointments, and Sales of Insurance.

They could also earn $750 when the prospects also want to buy the advertising service. .

Not to mention, that your insurance Agents could easily double their Insurance sales - and income.

Totally Free 
"BUZZ Marketing System" 
Insurance Brokers & Agents

1) You set the limits of number of Leads, Appointments, and Sales you want.

2 )You can build any size Local and/or State-Wide Sales Team.

3) Hire as many Sales Reps as you want - all providing Leads and Appointments for you to sell more Insurance.

4) CityNation pays the Members of your Sales Teams (you do not pay them)

5) We provide the Marketing Tools, Training, and Support Services - to you and your Sales Team.

6) You and your Sales Team can quickly start earning extra money.

7) Most every business in town will want you to visit them.

8) You help every business get more customers through our Advertising Service.

9) Provides another sources for you.

10) Designed to help you make friends with the owners and managers of the businesses that you want to sell insurance to

11) Designed to help you easily sell more insurance to businesses and their employees.

CityNation-Advertising helps you
in all aspects of starting and managing your BUZZ Marketing System.


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