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Affiliate Program
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CityNation has created, published, and sold advertising in our own publications, franchised our publications, and created specialized publications for over 30 years.

We now offer this fantastic easy-income opportunity to individuals.

Get this new Ford Mustang Convertible - Totally Free
Just 2 referred individuals can provide you with enough monthly income to pay for the car lease plus all the gas and maintenance.

Ford Mustang Convertible
Get this new Mustang Totally Free

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Please fill out the Form on this page.

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CityNation will send you the Starter Information.

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Confirm that you want to get started. Contact CityNation and let us know that you are really interested in becoming a Referral Affiliate. 

Click Here to learn about the Sales Team Managers, Corporate Sales Managers, and the Free Business Opportunity.

The Basics

If you are joining as a Referral Affiliate, that's great. Here is an example of how much you can earn.

You get paid every month for the advertising sales of the individuals that you Referred..

Example: Just 10 referrals, each working part time and obtain only 2 sales a month of our advertising service. You will receive $48,000 for the first year. For the second year, you receive $84,000, including the renewals. And. your income will keep on growing every year.

This is your first step in learning our World-Class BUZZ Marketing System.

You can quickly progress to the next level, as follows:

If you are a salesperson or an Insurance Agent, we recommend that you obtain the "Complete Home-Based Advertising Business Opportunity" provided Totally Free.

If you are good at obtaining Referrals, we recommend that you apply for the Director of Corporate Sales.

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